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Peter Yang
is an international #1 bestselling author, award-winning Canadian writer, and public speaker. Born with a nose for narrative and news, Peter’s journalistic efforts have appeared in many different papers and other news outlets across Ontario and beyond.

Apart from his literary career, Peter is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of helping early stage companies. He is the founder and CEO of Reviewerly, a tech startup focused on gathering customer reviews for online brands.

Road to Publication
The Art of Writing: Four Principles for Great Writing that Everyone Needs to Know 100%

The Art of Writing

Discover the lost art of great writing.

Since the invention of writing, the written word has fueled humanity’s astonishing progress. Thus, the ability to write effectively and beautifully has long been revered and rewarded.

And yet in the digital age, people have begun to believe that this talent is somehow obsolete: that writing is something unworthy of study beyond the basic mechanics of vocabulary and syntax and grammar, that mediocre prose is acceptable in a world crying out for clear and precise communication.

Peter Yang believes otherwise.

The Art of Writing is Yang’s highly practical treatise on the four key principles of dazzling, effective writing—economy, transparency, variety, and harmony. Far from your garden-variety style guide, the principles in this book apply to everyone, whether you’re writing an inauguration speech or a letter home to Mom.

Great writing is a skill, and this book gives you the tools to make your words shimmer on the page (or the screen). Packed with real-world insights and advice, The Art of Writing is your ultimate guide to transforming your writing and unleashing your inner artist.

The Artistic Writer's Checklist Cover Image

The Artistic Writer's Checklist

The Art of Writing provides a system for enriching one’s writing. But how does the writer know if he has applied the tactics correctly?

The Artistic Writer’s Checklist is a handy resource for any writer wanting to ensure that their writing reflects the four principles outlined in the book. Concise and exhaustive, it is the definitive editing tool for any writer.

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